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All you want is Separation, 
without the...


of knowing they are alone and afraid.


of wondering if they will destroy your home, each time you leave.


that they will panic, or even hurt themselves

Let me help you get the separation you need, WITHOUT the anxiety.

When you leave your dog alone...

Do they bark, whine, or howl?

Do they destroy the baseboards or furniture?

Do they have accidents in the home?

Have people in your life told you your dog just needs to "get over it"?

Have people told you it's from too much affection or coddling?

Perhaps you've tried crating them, or giving them food toys to occupy themselves?

There is a lot of advice out there about separation anxiety...

But it's impossible to filter through it all and know truth from myth.

Let me help you cut through the bullshit, and find a way through.

As a certified separation anxiety specialist, I have a program with very high rates of success.

Get a clear path forward, and access the information that is ACTUALLY going to help your dog.


The short answer is... I really don't need to come to your home, just to practice LEAVING your dog. 

In fact if I DID, it would inevitably influence your dog such that the practice we did together would be pointless, because in real life I won't be there!

Virtual training allows me to offer you more support, DAILY, and makes training more EFFICIENT and COST-EFFECTIVE.

'Separation WITHOUT The Anxiety' Program Includes:

  • 6 week commitment 

  • You will have 6 weekly virtual check-ins with me, where we reassess your dog's alone-time behaviour and observe progress

  • 30 customized training plans to practice absences daily with your dog

  • DAILY support and feedback, through our shared google sheet and via email

  • Data tracking to monitor progress

... PLUS access to the Nodding Dog Membership, an exclusive virtual support group biweekly for 2 months, to keep you motivated, get your questions answered, and let you know you're not alone!

6 week investment for $920  

​After your initial package, if more training is needed, you have the option of continuing month-to-month for $620/month, which includes continued access to the Nodding Dog Membership!

Take the first step and book your Separation Anxiety Assessment now!

  • Required before booking a Separation Anxiety Package

  • 60-90 minute initial assessment - $185

  • The initial assessment is conducted virtually over zoom

  • We will conduct a "mock" absence so that I can assess your dog's behaviour and body language during alone time. I will go through some important points, answer your questions, and we'll make a plan to move towards calmer absences and less stress... for everyone!

Initial assessment SA

Not ready to book in?
Schedule a free Discovery Call to get your questions answered!

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