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My name is Danika Postle, I'm the founder of Nodding Dog Training, and I'm so happy you're here! I believe in a 'Radically Kind' training methodology, and I'm passionate about showing my clients the many ways that dog guardianship can be a more peaceful and richer experience than what society tells us. I am TIRED of the toxic masculinity present in "training" culture. My training style is similar to gentle parenting human children. Choice, compassion, patience, and consideration of the dog's and guardian's needs are at the forefront of my methodologyI want to show you there is STRENGTH in kindness, and that with a radically empathetic and kind approach, we can create some changes that are pretty radical too :)


I believe very strongly in continuing education and certification.

I'm a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer (certified professional dog trainer- knowledge assessed), an FFCP (fear-free certified professional), and a CSAT (certified separation anxiety trainer).  I spend countless hours reading, watching courses, researching, and furthering my own knowledge, because using the most humane and up-to-date methods matters to me. I will always be honest and transparent about my training practices, the reasons and science behind what I teach you, and my limitations. I love referring clients to other amazing trainers when the case is not in my area of expertise. I will never ask you to use physical or verbal corrections or punishments with your dog. I do not use shock collars, prong collars, choke or slip leads, collar corrections, physical intimidation, noise corrections or water spray corrections, or anything that causes intentional pain, fear, or discomfort for your dog. I also will not judge you for anything you may have tried in the past, because I once trained using punitive methods and corrections, when I didn't know a better way.

No, my dogs aren't perfect, I'm DEFINITELY not the perfect guardian, and I don't expect perfection from my clients or their dogs either!

Guilt and shame have no place in my training, and neither do force or fear. What I hope we can find together is a mindful, easeful approach to training that builds trust and communication between you and your dog, leading to effective change and an improved quality of life for you both. My training may not fit the idea of "control" and "obedience" that you thought dog training involved, but I'm excited to show you how much the industry has advanced, and what modern, consent-based training can do for you! 

I hope we can find some humor and laughter in amongst the challenges. The Nodding Dog Community is full of people who understand the challenging, tearful, hilarious, ridiculous journey of loving a complicated dog.

More About Me

I got started with dog training because of my puppy Ulu; she was a true wild child and I found myself struggling, stressed, and feeling utterly helpless. The process of training her was so challenging, fascinating, uncomfortable, and rewarding. It forced me to confront so many things about myself, and I grew immeasurably from the experience. That process then led me to becoming a trainer, with the intention of helping guardians and their dogs find peace, ease, and joy in their relationships... because I know exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed and struggling! After completing a training program and apprenticeship, I worked with renowned local company BabyDog for 3 years, climbing quickly to the position of Head Trainer, and specializing in helping reactive dogs and their owners. I became well-known around Victoria for my ability to genuinely connect with my clients, and provide them with skills for effective change. Finally, I decided to branch out on my own and start my own company, which is what has brought us together! Nodding Dog Training is my life and passion, and I'm so happy to share it with you. I love to learn, to read, and to continue educating myself to stay up to date with the most humane and effective methods to teach animals (including humans!). I recently adopted a second dog named Potato with my partner William, and together we also have a cat named Neko. The five of us live in our own personal chaos, but we try to experience as much joy, humour, and love in each day as we can.

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