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Services for
New Puppy Parents

(and your baby shark)

These classes are for guardians of new puppies. This page has everything you need to get through the puppy stage in one piece (mostly), and build a trusting relationship with your pup!


'Not Your Average' Puppy Class


This class is a small group of just 4 dog-guardian teams, designed for dedicated puppy guardians who want to go the extra mile to build TRUST with their dogs. For puppies under 1 year of age (exceptions possible on a case by case basis). Proof of vaccination required. Runs at Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital in Victoria, BC.

This Class is For You If...

This Class is NOT For You If...

You want to build the ultimate relationship of TRUST with your dog

You're eager to introduce CONSENT-based husbandry

You want to learn about canine BODY LANGUAGE

You'd like to teach your dog to TRUST you around their RESOURCES

You want them to WANT to come back when you call

You're ready to show them you CARE when they're afraid.

You want to put in the effort to prevent serious behaviour problems

You just want to teach obedience commands

You aren't interested in learning about your dog's emotional experience

You aren't open to new ideas of what dog guardianship could look like

You expect your dog to execute your will perfectly no matter how they feel

You want to use corrections or punishment to teach your dog 

You''re not ready to put in extra work between sessions

Includes an in-depth orientation video, PDF resources, clicker, long line, and 6 weeks of in-person classes. This class is about engagement, building trust, teaching life skills, and preventing behaviour problems. It is not your classic "obedience" class.

6 classes for $630



Puppy Socialization & Exposure Class

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour,  improper socialization before 12 weeks of age can increase the risk of fear, avoidance, and/or aggression later in life.

This class is a rare opportunity to check things off your puppy to-do list in one go!


It offers an essential foundation of exploring and socializing for puppies under 14 weeks, AND it occurs in the unique environment of the veterinary clinic, offering an opportunity to build a positive association with the vet.


  • Puppies have first set of core vaccines

  • Puppies have been in their home for 7 days 

  • Puppies must be under 14 weeks of age 

  • Puppies must have NO signs of infectious disease.


  • Tuesdays from 6:30-7:15 pm, for four weeks 

  • Elk Lake Veterinary Hopsital

  • Includes play time and exploration of obstacles and surfaces

  • Open registration means no waiting to get started, enroll anytime

  • 6 puppies max

  • BONUS orientation presentation included!

  • FREE puppy socialization passport

4 classes for $220

IMPORTANT: Click through using arrows on booking page to see more start dates!


Virtual Puppy Parent Support


Get all the answers you're looking for! This virtual class for puppy parents is open enrolment (register anytime) and runs for 1 hour every week, for 6 consecutive weeks. Each class features a presentation on Zoom, followed by Q&A and discussion period.


You will get answers on important puppy topics like...

  • House training

  • Puppy biting

  • Husbandry and handling

  • Crate training and Independence Training

  • Chewing, Digging

  • Enrichment

  • Positive interruptor cue

  • Stealing objects, Resource guarding prevention

  • Jumping up

  • Body language and play

And most importantly, you will have time to ask questions live, and hear from other puppy parents that you're not alone in this challenging chapter!

6 classes for $270

IMPORTANT: Click through using arrows on booking page to see more start dates!

Puppy on the Beach

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