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Sliding Scale Pricing

I believe dog training, like counselling, health care, and education, should be accessible to everyone. It can make a huge difference in quality of life for both the dogs and their guardians. That said, I recognize the effects of income inequality, systemic racism and ableism, generational trauma, colonial oppression, and a number of other challenges on the ability of many individuals to access the help they need. If you have questions about sliding scale pricing, accessibility, or anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. Below you'll find information on subsidized sliding scale pricing.

What is a sliding scale?

A sliding scale payment system is a pricing model that adjusts the cost of a service based on the customer's ability to pay. I offer sliding scale sessions to make training accessible to all. Currently, all services are available with sliding scale pricing. Paying full price for the classes and services, for those who are able, allows me to offer more financial assistance to folks who need it and would otherwise be unable to access help, and also helps to support my business goals and allows me to make a living wage as a small business owner living in a very expensive city. 

I may still choose not to work with some clients based on their goals, their dog's needs and behaviour challenges, and my specific comfort level and expertise. If we are not a good fit to work together for whatever reason, I will do my best to provide low income individuals with guidance toward free or low cost alternatives, or other professionals who offer sliding scale or subsidized services.

Please note, the sliding scale is not a simple "discount". If you are able to pay full price, please do so. If you have access to funds or loans from friends or family, please access these other avenues before utilizing sliding scale pricing. This allows me to continue offering sliding scale pricing for those who truly need it, and who wouldn't otherwise be able to access these services. You will not be asked for proof of your income, sliding scale pricing is done on the honour system, and without judgement or questions.

How it works

Here is a list of price reductions, and the accompanying codes, to be entered at checkout in the "discount code" box. Please take some time to thoughtfully consider before utilizing one of these price reduction codes.

20% Price reduction (you pay 80% of the service price) = SS20OFF

35% Price reduction (you pay 65% of the service price) = SS35OFF

50%  Price reduction (you pay 50% of the service price) = SS50OFF

65% Price reduction (you pay 35% of the service price) = SS65OFF

80% Price reduction (you pay 20% of the service price) = SS80OFF

For further price reductions please email

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