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virtual dog training globally!

As well as in-person sessions and classes in Victoria, BC.

Welcome to Nodding Dog

This is the soft side of dog training, where dogs are allowed onto the furniture, and in our beds. Where emotional welfare is paramount, and we recognize that true leadership comes from regulating our emotions, and acting with compassion. If you want to learn how to parent your dog, and train effectively with consent and cooperation... you're in the right place!

Logo of a dog illustration in a circle, with the words "Nodding Dog Training" and "Radically Kind Behaviour Change"
"I met Danika after struggling with my new rescue dog (Peaches) who was suffering from debilitating anxiety. Danika is extremely knowledgeable and explained things in clear, simple language, while teaching me new way to support Peaches' specific needs. Danika's ability to bring her knowledge and share it in such an encouraging way meant success for Peaches and me. It's such a confidence booster when your trainer is genuinely happy for your dog's progress from week to week. Thanks Danika!"

- Susan G.

Have you...

...Read the books, watched the videos, but you still feel inundated by the contradictory information?

I can help you find clarity and a plan of action.

...Had people tell you to be "tougher" with your dog, so they'll "respect" you more?

I have. And I've made the mistake of believing it too. I can tell you from firsthand experience that getting "tougher" with your dog is way more likely to cause problems than solve them. 

...Felt embarassment, regret, grief, frustration, shame, or overwhelm about your dog?

I brought my first dog home at 8 weeks old, and in the first three days I honestly googled "I got a puppy, what have I done?!".  As she grew up and developed some serious behaviour problems, I grieved the dog I had wanted. It's valid to feel all kinds of emotions about your dog.

Let's make a plan together.

Book Your Initial Assessment to begin

*NOT for Separation Anxiety. Click here instead


Explore Our Services


New Puppy Parents

Get all your questions answered in the exclusive puppy parent support group! Socialization and Exposure classes available for puppies under 14 weeks, as well as an in-depth class for those looking to learn the Gold Standard of puppy parenting! Plus, add on private support to customize your puppy guardianship journey.


Struggling Dog Guardians

Are you overwhelmed by your dog's behaviour? Whether it's leash reactivity, aggression, fear and anxiety, or something else entirely, I can help you understand the WHY of their behaviour. I want to work with guardians who are committed to making change, ready to build new habits, and break through the struggle, to find peace with their dogs.


Separation Anxiety

I know your dog's separation anxiety is debilitating, for them, and for you. It impacts your life, and theirs, and it hurts you to see them in distress. Don't stay trapped! Let's work towards separation without the guilt, without the complaints from neighbours, without the barking and whining and destruction. Let's make a plan to achieve separation WITHOUT the anxiety.


Meet your trainer

Danika is a highly sought-after trainer in Victoria, BC. She is the guardian of two dogs and a cat, and loves learning about ethology, behaviour, and the animal-human bond. Danika is committed to a force-free, fear-free methodology, and passionately pursues continuing education and certifications to further her understanding of canine learning and cooperative training. Danika works with dogs of all ages and dispositions, and excels in connecting with her human and canine clients. She has been training dogs for five years, and worked as head trainer with renowned local training company Babydog prior to branching out on her own. Danika has extensive experience with puppies, reactivity, anxiety, fear, and aggression, and can't wait to help you and your pup find peace, connection, and joy.

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