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Puppy preschool Elk Lake Vet!

Puppy Start Right Preschool is the ultimate jump start to your new puppy's education! There is a critical window in your puppy's development that begins to close around 12 weeks of age; Puppy Preschool ensures your dog has opportunities for learning, exploration, socialization, and confidence building during this time. Think of it like a behaviour vaccination, to reduce the likelihood of issues like fear, aggression, and reactivity! For puppies age 7-14 weeks.

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Full Support Programs 

Full support programs for new puppy parents, or dog guardians dealing with challenging behaviour issues. I will help you along every step of the way! These programs include carefully planned training sessions, a comprehensive kit of trainer-selected gear, full text/phone/email support, handouts, homework, and more!

Private Training Sessions & Packages

Single sessions and discounted packages to teach new cues, Problem solve behaviour, and educate you and your dog! We have standard private sessions for things like recall, leash walking, stay, leave it, drop it, door greetings, etc., and Behaviour Modification sessions for issues like Fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.

Half Day Training

I take your dog and train them for you! Single sessions and packages are available, and each half-day session is 3 hours long.Can take place in your home, or I can pick your dog up and Drop them off after! This is an enriching experience for your dog, and they will come home tired, fulfilled, and happy! I will create a customized curriculum to work on whatever you need help with.

Solo Enrichment


For dogs that need a bit more support than a standard dog walk. This is a solo walk with a trainer! Perfect for puppies who need lots of support, patience, and attention as they learn about the world and practice their skills, or reactive/anxious/fearful dogs who need the expertise of a trainer to keep them under threshold. These walks are also wonderful for shy dogs who don't do well in a pack setting! Mentally and Physically enriching, a solo walk will allow your dog to de-stress, play, and practice a few skills while we're at it!

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Philosophy & Methods


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I want to empower you to make more informed choices about what you want your relationship with your dog to look like, and give you the tools to create change thoughtfully. I also want to show you how to give your dog more choices, because having the ability to influence one's  environment, and access a variety of options is a very powerful thing for animal welfare.



I teach humans how to train and understand their dogs, and how to use management strategies to bring more ease to their lives. I help dogs learn to respond to human cues, regulate their own emotions, and face the world with confidence and joy!


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The ability to say stop, to remove oneself from an activity, and to communicate discomfort (and be listened to), is a fundamental right. We can achieve our goals in training while still respecting our dog's ability to opt out.

Danika is a highly sought-after trainer in Victoria, BC. She has two dogs and a cat, and loves learning about ethology, behaviour, and the animal-human bond. Danika is committed to a force-free, fear-free methodology, and passionately pursues continuing education and certifications to further her understanding of canine learning and cooperative training. Danika works with dogs of all ages and dispositions, and excels in connecting with her human and canine clients. She has three years of experience working as a head trainer with renowned local training company Babydog, prior to branching out on her own. She has extensive experience with puppies, reactivity, anxiety, fear, and aggression, and can't wait to help you and your pup find peace, connection, and joy.

Meet Your Trainer

Dog Profile

"I met Danika after struggling with my new rescue dog (Peaches) who was suffering from debilitating anxiety. Danika is extremely knowledgeable and explained things in clear, simple language, while teaching me new way to support Peaches' specific needs. Danika's ability to bring her knowledge and share it in such an encouraging way meant success for Peaches and me. It's such a confidence booster when your trainer is genuinely happy for your dog's progress from week to week. Thanks Danika!"

-Susan G.

"Working with Danika has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my dog Goose. Her compassionate approach always has the best interest of both owner and dog at heart. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each session, carefully listens to all my questions, and provides guidance and suggestions on how to troubleshoot challenges or improve skills. Training a high energy puppy with very big emotions can be overwhelming at times, but after every session with Danika, I always come away feeling more confident and hopeful. I have seen immense progress in both myself and my puppy in the time Danika and I have been working together and I am grateful to have her support on this training journey! "

- Rachel A.

"Working with Danika was the best decision we have made for our dog since we got him! Thanks to her amazing ability to translate dog behaviour, her calm support, and easy to follow advice, our dog Milo has (for the first time ever) made incredible progress and is becoming less and less reactive every day. We recommend her to every dog owner we know!"

- Carley T.

"We hired Danika for private lessons with our Great Pyreneese puppy named Juno. Not only was she an incredible trainer, she is the reason our puppy is still alive today. On our first session, she pointed out an irregular gait that our vet dismissed. She urged us to get it checked out again, which led to Juno getting a spinal surgery that saved her life. . Since Juno had missed critical socialization time during her recovery, she had become timid. Danika was able to help us get back on track, and Juno is feeling more confident every day.. She is incredibly knowledgeable in dog psychology and was able to explain things clearly and efficiently to us. It was very helpful to have training sessions tailored completely to Juno's needs with someone who is as knowledgable and intuitive as Danika!"

-Sara G.

Client Stories...

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Made from upcycled

Give your dog more freedom with a 15' long line. Perfect for puppies learning about the world, or reactive dogs building confidence in their own agency. Recommended for BAT (behaviour adjustment training) clients.

Our leashes are all sustainably made with upcycled climbing rope! We have 6' and 8' lengths, as well as a custom length option! With lots of colours to choose from and durable hardware, you'll be doing some good for your dog, and the planet!

Extenders can be worn around your shoulder to make any leash into a hands-free system, or added on the the end of your leash to turn it into a long line! Get your set today, and you'll be ready for anything!

We make durable rope tug toys with upcycled climbing rope ends, and our snuffle mats are made with recycled fleece. Snuffle mats are the perfect enrichment toy to get your dog using their nose; a natural behaviour that helps them de-stress and follow their instincts!

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Low Key Dog Walks is one of our industry partners; check them out for group walks, and more!

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