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Books closed to new clients until Jan 1st 2024. Existing clients can still book in and purchase new services. 

Services & Booking

 New Here? Welcome!

All new clients must start with a virtual intake session, (except puppy preschool guardians)

OR Call  250 507 6927 for a free 20-minute discovery call!

Enrolment for Puppy Preschool Class will re-open in January 2024

Image by Cookie the Pom

Sliding Scale Virtual Sessions

(There is no new client intake required before booking a sliding scale virtual session, but please reach out to me and let me know you will be opting for this option instead of a new client intake) 

This is a 50- minute virtual training/support session with sliding scale pricing. Choose your amount based on your income and financial position. I offer these sessions to make training accessible to all. You will not be asked for proof of your income; you choose your price on the honour system!

Paying more than the suggested price, for those who are able, allows me to offer this service to folks who need it and would otherwise be unable to access help, and also helps to support my business goals.

We can work on problem solving challenging behaviours, creating management solutions, or teaching new cues. These sessions are also a great addition to an in-person training package with me, to work on progress tracking, ask additional questions, or for emotional support.


Choose your price

Average price: $80

Puppy Start Right Preschool

For puppies aged 7-14 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is in a rolling enrolment style, meaning you choose your START DATE, and your class will run for 4 consecutive weeks starting on that date. Classes are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in person, and Thursdays at 6:30 virtually on zoom.


Please read the AVSAB puppy socialization position statement if you're unsure about socializing a puppy who is not fully vaccinated. 

This class is a rare opportunity to check things off your puppy to-do list in one go! It offers an essential foundation of learning, exploring, and socializing for new puppies. And as an added bonus, it takes place in a vet office, which will teach your pup  that the vet is a positive, fun place! Many animals become wary or fearful of veterinary, grooming, and handling practices, so it's vital that they are exposed to these in a positive way before negative associations are made. Puppy guardians will learn to read their puppy's body language, understand their puppy's behaviour, prevent problem behaviours, and teach important skills! 8 puppies maximum.



Each week, in-person class will involve:

  • Puppy play time

  • Guided exploration stations (things like nail trims and vaccine prep, sounds & objects, surfaces, people, costumes & props, etc)

  • Teaching basic cues (leash walking, leave it, drop it, come when called, crate training)

  • Homework, reading, and handouts for the following class

Virtual classes will address:

  • Problem prevention topics (house training, puppy biting and chewing, jumping up, resource guarding prevention, separation anxiety prevention, cooperative husbandry)


  • In depth orientation video

  • 4 x hour-long classes on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm at Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital

  • 4 x 30-minute virtual classes Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm (recordings will be available)

  • Supplementary videos weekly

  • Puppy Start Right Book

  • Clicker

  • Weekly handouts

Register Now For the start date of your choice

private sessions

Private Training Sessions and Packages

* Complete New Client Intake first!

Book a 50 minute session, or pre-pay for a package of 5 and get 10% off! We will work on whatever skills you and your dog need help with! 

  • Leash walking

  • Patience and focus around distractions

  • Leave it, Drop it

  • Come

  • Cooperative care (for grooming, handling, and vet visits)

  • Stationing

  • Conditioned relaxation

  • Housetraining, puppy biting, greetings, door manners

Single standard training Session $110

Single Session
at your home $130

5 Pack Standard Sessions $495

5 Pack
at your home $595


Behaviour Modification Sessions and Packages

* Complete New Client Intake first!

Book a 50 minute session, or pre-pay for a package of 5 and get 10% off! We can address behaviour concerns like:

  • Reactivity

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Aggression (please note that I will evaluate my ability to help with aggression on a case-by-case basis)

  • Excessive barking

  • Resource guarding

  • Frustration and over-arousal

Single Behaviour
Session $130

Single Session
at your home $150

5 Pack Behaviour Sessions  $585

5 Pack
at your home $685


Image by Sammy Leigh Scholl
Bmod sessions

Half-day Training

* Complete New Client Intake first!

I take your dog and work with them! This program is suitable for puppies, adolescents, and adults, and caters to a variety of behaviour challenges and temperaments. I will only have one dog at a time, unless I am socializing your dog (if appropriate) with another client's dog or my own dogs.

May include socialization, exercise, enrichment,  naps or breaks in a crate/stationing time, teaching and practicing cues, and building confidence. Plus it gives you a break! This programs runs for 3 hours in the morning or afternoon, plus pick up/drop off time. Option to have it occur in your home, or I pick them up and take them.

Single half-day $210

Once weekly for 5 weeks $945

Twice weekly for 5 weeks $1785

Solo Enrichment Walk

* Complete New Client Intake first!

This 50 minute solo enrichment/training walk is suitable for puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs with a variety of needs and behaviour challenges.

This is the perfect service for reactive dogs, puppies needing to get out and explore the world, or dogs who are shy souls and don't do well in a pack! This is not your average dog walk; your dog is getting one on one time with a trainer to have their needs met, and practice whatever skills you've been working on with them, in addition to sniff time, play, and enrichment activities.

Single Enrichment
Walk $70

5 Pack
Solo Enrichment
Walks $315


Full support bmod
Image by Andrew Schultz

Full Support Puppy Package

* Complete New Client Intake first!

Are you stressed, nervous, or unsure about raising your new puppy? Or perhaps you just want to give them the best start that you can? Let's work together to set you - and them - up for success!

This program has everything you and your new puppy need! I will be there to support you, provide necessary equipment, resources, and skills to raise your puppy with a force-free, cooperation-centered approach. Instruction will focus on setting up a well-rounded foundation for your puppy; setting up their environment, creating and executing socialization plans and housetraining/exercise schedules, preparing for vet/groomer/handling, building communication, trust, and confidence. The package includes:

  • Personalized training plan, and curriculum tailored to your puppy's needs

  • 5 x Private training sessions at your home or a location convenient for you

  • 3 x 30-minute puppy visits/social outings/walks to give you a break! (Puppy only, no owner)

  • 8 weeks of email/text/phone support

  • Comprehensive handouts, homework, and resources

  • Puppy gear essentials, including top quality enrichment toys, socialization passport, long leash, clicker, treats, treat pouch, chews, harness (and fitting), and a discount for one month from local pet store "Bark Bath and Beyond"


Full Support Behaviour Modification Package

* Complete New Client Intake first!

Is your dog struggling with reactivity, aggression, fear or anxiety? Are you at the end of your rope trying to manage their behaviour and figure out how to help them? Or maybe you're noticing a change in their behaviour and want to take proactive action before things progress further? 

You may be feeling alone in your efforts, powerless, or at a loss for where to begin... the great news is that I can support you the whole way; so let's take this on together! I've been there, and I know how badly I needed someone to guide me. Someone who was knowledgable, experienced, and able to craft a tailored and effective plan for change. And sometimes I just needed an empathetic shoulder to cry on.

This package includes:

  • Personalized  training plan and curriculum

  • 5 x Private training sessions at your home or a location convenient for you

  • 4 x Solo enrichment walks to provide sniffing, enrichment, and play

    • OR 4 practice set-ups (if applicable to your training plan) with your dog's triggers

    • OR One half day of training and one enrichment walk

    • OR we can mix and match the above to create a custom plan for you

  • 8 weeks of email/text/phone support

  • Handouts, homework, resources, and sheets to track progress

  • Behaviour Modification kit, with gear options including enrichment toys, long leash, clicker, treats, treat pouch, chews, harness (and fitting), raised Place mat, BAT leash belay system, and a discount from local pet store "Bark Bath and Beyond"(kit will be customized, not all of these items are included)

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